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Pre-CBS / CBS-era replica pickups

Stratocaster styled Sets: GBP + shipping

Spirit 1957 S

Spirit 60-63 S

Spirit 1965 S (early)

Spirit 65-69 S

(Spirit 1954 and 1974-79 S models also available by custom order)

Telecaster styled Sets:  GBP + shipping

Spirit 1952 T 

Spirit 1955 T

Spirit 1965 T

(Spirit 1968-74 T models also available by custom order)

Precision Bass style:  GBP + shipping

Spirit 1960 P (grounding plates included)

Spirit 1965 P (grounding plates included)

(Spirit 1957 P (Single Coil) also available for £95 GBP + shipping by custom order)

Jazz Bass Style: GBP + shipping

Spirit 1960 J (grounding plates included)

Spirit 1965 J (grounding plates included)

'Patent Applied For' replica pickups

PAF style Matched Sets: from £350 GBP + shipping

Spirit Type 2 (Alnico 2)

Spirit Type 3 (Alnico 3)

Spirit Type 5 (Alnico 5)

(Individual humbucker pickups are available in various options from £180 + shipping by custom order)

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