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Used Relic Stratocaster

Guitar building, relicing, combining vintage original parts with new aged parts, creating a “dream” for some and “kiss of death” to others is often a very debatable and contentious subject on its own.

It is however big business; some non-Fender relics are £7.5k for a real good one; reproductions from bespoke builders also range from £2.5k to £4.5k. They are though still all relic builds, call it what you like, the good bad and the ugly are all out there.

I don’t make many, however if you do get a special and interesting request then sometimes you just can’t turn it down, especially when there are some original parts added also.

I’ve very recently been involved in making an early 1960’s Stratocaster . The body and neck are Pin Routed as they were in the day so you have the classic rough routing to the body pockets period correct including dowel pins. The neck has a solid dark rose wood board including genuine clay dots.

No expense spared build even has correct finish from the 60’s over a desert sand under coat. The body neck date stamps are early 60's however the pickup fitted is a yellow ink stamp. The scratch plate has period correct undergaurd also. All set up tested and sounding like a Million dollars.

I suppose one man’s dream really is what it is….as long as you can match that dream with a bigger, better functional living breathing piece finished in the genuine old finishes as used in the day. It is key to focus on quality, playability and tone; it takes time and it is labour intensive for sure. What you have though at the end of the day is an instrument that is part original Fender parts, designed by a player and built to their specific requirements. Special guitar, bespoke, individual and where can you buy this, definitely not hanging up in a store these days!

It is very subjective building a Fender derived guitar and there are many out there. What do you do for instance?

The colour of this guitar is burgundy mist, the pictures here do not do it justice.

This guitar is now available.

Serious inquires only please by private message… as you know, the best is not cheap.

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